Friday, May 11, 2012

Ballroom Dance Lessons Walnut Creek For People Of All Ages

By Cheri Knowles

Since time immemorial mankind has danced. They have danced for joy and celebration and at the commencement of wars. Modern times are no different and numerous popular celebrity television dancing shows and competitions have created a renewed interest. Young and old are flocking to take ballroom dance lessons Walnut Creek to learn how to do vibrant hip shaking salsas and romantic twirling waltzes.

To be able to perform these intricate steps with flair is what most people strive for. A number of new studios are teaching pupils how to do so at affordable prices. They offer a range of classes which include learning either one or a number of Ballroom and Latin dances.

Structured formal dancing was first recorded in France in the 1500's. It consisted of a 5 step sequences which was performed to slow or quicker music. The waltz introduced in the beginning of the 19th century caused quite a stir and was considered positively indecent.

Further folk dances such as the polka were also introduced at this time. The start of the last century however brought about the most changes in ballroom dancing. Steps for the Charleston, quickstep, jive, foxtrot, jitterbug and the many Latin dances were introduced in quick succession.

Today these have all evolved into set dance step sequences. Each of these has its own rules and regulations governing technique and style when competing. However people are still dancing for sheer exuberance and the enjoyment of it all.

Many studios take singles as well as couples and offer organized parties where people can dance with various partners. This further adds to their confidence and proficiency. Classes are held throughout the day and evening catering for people of all walks of life. The ballroom dance lessons Walnut Creek websites are filled with information and are quick and easy to access.

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